The Invisible Elephant In The Room 🐘

I'm sure you’ve heard the expression “Shall we talk about the elephant in the room?”  🐘  

I realized the other day that there is another giant thing in the room that moms aren’t talking about enough; we'll call it the invisible elephant in the room, because we seem to have forgotten it’s there.  BUT IT’S HUGE!!!

I’m chiefly talking to mamas who’ve experienced childbirth, but if you’re an adoptive mama, please track with me here because whether or not you’ve experienced childbirth, you have a whole host of superpowers that inspire me!

How did you feel after birthing your firstborn?

I birthed 5 (full term) babies and was amazed each and every time at what my body was capable of.  It was fascinating to me how my body knew what to do and when to do it! 

The big question for us, though, is, have you held on to that amazement and admiration for your strength and God-given-knowing and capabilities in the hours, days and years that have passed since that birth(s). 

Let’s just say it out loud, Mama!  “I brought a child into the Universe!”  If there is a bigger elephant, then I don’t know what it is!  I mean, can we just sit with that for a second?  First, there was nothing.  Then there was something.  God, you, and your incredible body made a human being, for crying out loud!  And how about the actual child birthing process?  Holy moly!!  What an incredible miracle, experience, and in some cases, even trauma.  Let’s grab ahold of this and embrace our inner warrior woman!

Mama, I want to encourage you today.  Take 2 minutes to think back on your birth story(ies).  Remember.  Be amazed.  Be impressed and think about this:

You brought a child into this world!!!

Stop minimizing your capabilities and living in the world of guilt and regret that comes from the “should haves and could haves”.  Mothering is hard.  It’s hard to keep all of the balls in the air.  But you are stronger than the daily grind and your current circumstances.  You can make decisions to implement new disciplines to go after the life of your dreams.  What else do you need to go through in life to give yourself a little bit of credit and to own that you are strong and capable?  

Show up in strength.  It’s yours.  Own it.  Stop listening to that voice that’s telling you you’re not enough.  Embrace that elephant in the room that is your incredible capability.

So much love to you, Mama!


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