About Us

Feel safe to bring your good, your bad, your ugly and stay awhile.
My name is Eva McLaughlin.  Fueled by the support of my husband and our six sons, I am on a mission to provide products to love-on and support other moms, who perhaps (like me),
  • did not have the smoothest or most stable childhood, or
  • came into motherhood lacking some of the skills and ideas that seem so basic and natural to other moms, or 
  • find themselves in a place riddled with shame and overwhelm.  
I spent the first 23 years of my mom-life within a prison of guilt, regret, and self-condemnation.  By, and through, the grace of God, I broke free!  Now, I want to help you avoid that trap by showing you how to simplify, define priorities, and embrace your mission.
I was born (and still live) in the beautiful state of Vermont, though I am dreaming of the days when we will be snowbirds and escape the loooong winters here.  When I’m not homeschooling our youngest, managing our household, working on our biz, or fielding phone calls from our older boys, you’ll find me in the workshop with sawdust in my hair and grime on my hands or in front of the computer working on my latest “great idea”.  
I don’t have it all together and I’m learning that’s ok. 
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