Are you seeing "ugly" marks?

I sat down to breakfast this morning and noticed yet another spot on our dining table.  I've learned to lovingly refer to these spots as part of the “antiquing process” that my six sons perform on the furniture throughout our home. 

However, this new spot was really big, even by our standards!  My youngest had forgotten to put a second piece of paper under his latest Sharpie drawing (again).  

My first inclination was to be upset about these permanent marks on our table as they're random, ugly and, I know there's nothing that I can do to remove or erase them.  

However, these “ugly” marks don’t impede the usefulness and value of our table; it will still hold plates, cups and cutlery and will fit all of our children and even some additional friends around it. 

I got to thinking, isn’t it that way with our lives?  So often we’re upset by the permanent or ugly marks that life leaves on us and we’ll often let those marks define us. 

But what if, instead of being upset that we’ve endured these permanent marks and instead of focusing on them and the fact that there is nothing we can do to remove them, we remember that they do not negate our usefulness, value or our capacity to host people around us, but in fact, they add interest, develop empathy, increase relatability and are proof that a life is being lived. 

If you have a permanent mark that makes you feel "ugly" or one that is impeding your joy, I pray you'll accept it today as part of your "antiquing process", find the beauty that has come because of it, and see it as proof that you are truly living.

Much love to you, Mama!  You're doing the hardest job and you're doing AMAZING!


P.S. If you've been keeping your permanent marks in the dark, bring them into the light and take the power from them by talking with a friend, journaling about it or come and join us in our private Facebook group full of other Mamas who are keepin' it real!