What would your kids say...

If I interviewed your kids today…

Would they tell me you’re a “fun” mom?  

I have a friend who has 10 children and she calls her husband, “Captain Fun”.  She admits that being fun does not come easily to her.  It made me feel so much better when I heard her say that!  Fun comes naturally to my husband, too, but I think my kids would most likely describe me as a task master or “serious”.  “Fun” would NOT be the first word to pop into their heads, for sure!  

I have to be deliberate about fun and work hard at engaging my imagination.  I have to consciously think about it and when I’m on top of my game, I’ll actually put it on my calendar!

If this resonates with you at all, you’ll be happy to know that I have a list of 70 fun things to do with your littles within the Head Heart And Hands Journal!  Aaaaand…there’s even a spot for you to put it on a calendar so you don’t forget to have fun!

You may not be fun, naturally, but the good news is that it is something you can practice, and before long, it WILL become easier.

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down and a spot of fun helps to break up the long days, Mama! 

Has anyone told you today how freaking awesome you are?